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Health is a complex idea, the human beings are complex too so people´s health can´t be a simple question. Biochemistry can say how complex we are. And this would be only the material fact. Everybody can tell without any doubt that we are more than this: mind, spirit, soul, energy… therefore, health have to be approached with wide vision, looking for the complete human being. That´s what holistic point of view means.

I´ve always studied with this holistic point of view, looking for the most universal truths. Pharmacy studies, with the botany, pharmacology and bromatology (food and nutrition), for example, and with microbiology, getting here my PhD; the long experience signing reports (more than 20 years) as a clinical analysis expert; teacher at different places (for food handlers or university students) and the great experience as a sport man, father and carer. All these situations allow me to begin this new project.

It´s not new for me being a manager because at the different health workings I had (at clinical laboratory, at pharmacy office or being a member of scientific committee at nutrition and fitoteraphy congress; of course as a friend, father and carer) I´ve made this task, giving the most truthful information I’ve got, taking care about all the patient needs and giving them the correct path for health solutions. That´s an important fact about my personal growing.

I am grateful about all the people I have met, extraordinary health workers from different places and therapies (acupuncture, neurological treatment of vision, osteopathy, Chinese traditional medicine…) and natural farmers.

All these professionals and me can teach you to take care about your own nature. There´s no problem without solution but you have to be well-managed. And better than this, you can learn:

Preventing will allways be better than healing.