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In my way, training it´s not only a question about sport. In the holistic conception, it is very important to take care of all the details. The relationship with your body has to be correct, knowing all your needs, being aware of what kind of animal you are enjoying everyday of your life. It is about training elementary healthy habits in different areas that they will finally be applied without effort.

However, for me and many more, one of the most important health stands is movement/posture. The solution is not simple but the way to get our body's consciousness, its posture and mobility, is very clear. We can seek the best for you, the coaching in this field could be diverse, from adequate food supplements, small machines for specific exercises to clinical analysis, for example.

How much water do you use to drink diary?

Are we going to run together? Maybe biking or stepperbiking?

Can we go into the sea any day along the year?